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Belvedere Hotel Braila

Royal comfort on the Danube quay

Classic and relaxing interior

Welcome to Belvedere Hotel Brăila!
Elegance and state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of the city, yet on the Danube River bank. Close to the tourist sites, in comfortable rooms. Here’s the best setting to start your experience in a 3 star hotel in Brăila!

Discover 52 rooms and suites of classical inspiration, with wood finishing and silk upholstery - and all the elements to redefine comfort and indulgence, essential for any trip. Get ready for a change of pace and relaxation.
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Elegant ambiance

Belvedere Restaurant

Belvedere Restaurant combines the flavors of international cuisine with the most popular local dishes - and is the perfect place for lunch, dinner or special events. You’re welcome to discover them in the elegant ambiance of the restaurant.

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Tourist sites & Attractions

    The Large Garden
    O dimineață în parfumul florilor

    The Large Garden

    Allow your steps to carry you to the most popular park in Brăila. With a flower clock unique in the country and a fountain over 100 years old, this park will fascinate you, through the view over the Danube - but also the names of the most famous Romanian writers, whose busts are guarding the alleys.

    Imagine brass band chords in the park’s pavilion, soft sounds in the music kiosk and a winning number at the casino in the park. When you wish to enjoy a moment of relaxation or you are looking for inspiration in the perfume of the first spring flowers, take a walk through the Large Garden.

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    Trajan Square
    O pauză cu decoruri urbane

    Trajan Square

    A monument clock. A baroque fountain with decorative motifs inspired by palm and acanthus leaves. Emperor Trajan’s bronze bust. These are the symbols that give charm to the park, filled with paved streets and rare trees. Discover, among others, the magnolias from China and enjoy the tourist sites in the Old Town.

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    ​The Old Town
    O seară de poveste

    ​The Old Town

    Take a walk through the alleys in the old town and you will discover monuments that made history and memorial houses with unique facades.

    Architecture elements from the end of the 19th century. Baroque and art nouveau. An Orthodox church without towers, originating from a mosque - and where the Oriental influences can still be seen today. A few of the historic monuments are: the Church “Saints Michael and Gabriel”, the Memorial House “Perpessicius”, the Cultural Center “Nicăpetre”, The Museum of Brăila. All of them turn the Old Town of Brăila into a large open air museum of architecture, with shops and cafes famous in the city.

    During the summer, stop in one of the terraces and enjoy a cup of coffee.


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    Recreation on the Danube River
    O excursie pe apă

    Recreation on the Danube River

    The best occasion to leave behind the city commotion - but also a show with no filters that we have the pleasure of providing to our guests. When you wish to learn nature’s alphabet and have a taste of the freedom lesson straight from the wild birds, take a trip on the Danube. You will see extraordinary places, among which the green paradise from the area of the Small Island of Brăila or the beautiful Măcin Channel.

    We organize private events on the boat and trips along the Danube for groups of more than 50 people.

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